Ohio HS basketball talent has bright future

Discussion in 'Basketball Recruiting' started by YSUBrutus, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Ohio has alot of Ohio St level talent in the 2013 and 2015 Classes (yes i know 2015 is far away)

    right now you have 5* Marc Loving who will more then likley be a PF here because of his lack of athletisim to be a 3, he will be a stretch 4 playing much like DeShaun Thomas Role

    but you also have 6'7 Tony Farmer, 6'8 Devin Williams, 6'8 Demonte Flemming, 7'0 Maverick Morgan, 6'9 Mark Donnal, 6'7 Mark Williams, 6'8 Nigel Hayes

    unfortunatley Morgan is the only C prospect, and Farmer is the only guy who is Ohio St calibur to play the 3 spot

    Devin Williams would be a good RS prospect as he is a fantastic rebounder

    Morgan would be nice to have another back to the basket 7 footer here

    in 2015 you have 5'10 (right now) AJ Harris who was invited to the game today, Harris in early rankings is in just about everybodys top 30 for his class, reminds alot of People of a quicker Kemba Walker but not quite the shot hog. Should be a high 4* if not 5*

    then there is 6'6 Luke Kennard, a PG/SG who compares to Kenny Kaminsky but has ball handling skills to play the G spot. should be a mid to high 4*

    theres also F Kipper Nicholes who alot of people think is the best of them all, at 6'6 people think he's a jump shot away from being a Jabari Parker clone, kid has all the tools but a consistant jump shot and has 3 more years to develop it, will be a very very special player. should be a high 4* if not 5*

    theres also 6'6 C Tony Anderson who is like Devin Williams, very strong player who rebounds like its nobodys buisness, also has good lower body strength to back down players. should be a mid 4*

    in the 2014 class
    theres 6'9 C Tyler Herron who compares to Amir Williams, shot blocker and good rebounder, very athletic but has grade problems. should be a mid 4*

    theres also Vince Edwards a 6'6 wing who plays PG in AAU. compares to Lenzelle smith, good defensive player and rebounder who can shoot a little. should be a high 3* to low 4*

    side note: since the begining of the NBA, Ohio has put the 7th most players into the league in history
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    Welcome to the site Y-SUB!

    It's nice to see another basketball fan jump on board...

    I look forward to posting with you around the forum...
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    I've always felt Ohio was a better basketball state in terms of talent than Kentucky. People may be more passionate there about the sport, but we have better talent.

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    We also have almost 3X the population of Kentucky...

    I believe Ohio is the 7th highest populated state in the U.S...

    Maybe higher higher now if we've surpassed Illinios and/or Pennslyvania...
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    We're still 7th at about 11.6 million, Pennsylvania and Illinois getting close to 13 million... so it'll be a while before we catch them, but with the way Columbus and a lot of smaller cities in Ohio are growing, it'll happen.

    As far as talent between Ohio vs. Kentucky... just look at how man guys on our roster are from Ohio, and how many on Kentucky's roster are in-state kids... 6 for OSU and 4 for Kentucky... I'll compile a list over the next day or two of all the kids from Ohio and KY playing in Div I and that's definitely put the argument away... I'm willing to bet it around 9:2 in favor of Ohio though...

    One interesting trend I've noticed in the last 4 or 5 years though is how many Div I basketball programs are starting to bring in International student/athletes... There's quite a few for sure.

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