Dec. 31st Bowl Games

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Agent Johnny Utah, May 8, 2014.

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    To save me the keystrokes, the following is the question I posed to Stewart Mandel for College Football Mailbag:

    Stewart: You wrote that the College Football Playoff format is trying to make Dec. 31 as significant a bowl game day of New Year's Day. This year, the Peach, Fiesta and Orange Bowls are all on Wed. Dec. 31st. Next year the 2 semi-final games will be on Thur. Dec. 31, 2015. These are weekdays/workdays. What time are these games airing and how are people supposed to watch them between work and New Year's Eve revelry? Seems like a big mistake if they want TV ratings.

    ---I'm sure the Dec. 31 bowls will be good match-ups. How can I watch these games on a weekday? What about people out partying for New Year's Eve? Seems like a bad time slot for these marquee games.
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    I never understood why the meaningless bowl games got played after Jan 1st. If you ask me the only games that should be played on or after Jan 1st are the Peach, Outback, Capital One, Cotton, Rose, Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar Bowls. Anything other than that should be played before Dec 31st.

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