2015 College Football Pickem League (JOIN NOW!)

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    OK! So our pickem league is ready for action! All you need to do is join the college football pool and then make your picks each week.

    How to join:

    1) You must be a registered member.
    2) Once you are registered (and logged in) navigate to the Pickem page and join the pool available.

    How to edit picks:

    1) Navigate to the Pickem page ... or click here.
    2) Once you are there, at the top of the page below the logo click Manage Your Picks.
    3) The next page will show you all of the games available. Above that list is a link, Edit Picks, click that to pick your winners.

    Feel free to give game suggestions each week!

    Get you picks in!
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    I always like Pick'ems that include one game with teams we dont watch very often, throws a kink in the hose and could break up weeks where there seem to be obvious picks
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