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ScarletBuckeye.com is a free Ohio State Buckeye sports community where interaction between Buckeye and rival fans is encouraged. Registration is required to participate in discussions.

Our goal has always been to create AND sustain a friendly community to all age groups where you feel comfortable posting and participating. Nonetheless, in order to make this happen, a set of rules is necessary for all members to follow.

Notice: This is an Ohio State Buckeyes message board. Although a large majority of the topics will pertain to the Buckeyes, rival fans should post under responsibility and respect towards others. Knowing that, you should accept knowing that our great fan base will be biased and supportive to their team when need be. Remember ... you are a GUEST to this forum so post respectively.

  1. Post as if your family was reading your posts: For the most part we're all adults here so let's act like one. If you normally wouldn't say something in person to someone then it may not be right to say it here either.
  2. Only one account per person: Registration is always open to new members but multiple accounts under one person is not acceptable. If you wish to change your user name we can do that but you must be registered for at least 60 days.
  3. We reserve the right to suspend your account without warning: By the means of spam, personal attacks, racism, discrimination, repetitive posting, and player/coach/recruit bashing. Spam includes nonsense posts which are off topic and advertisements. Unless given permission by the administrator no member shall advertise there site or someone else's site in the community.
  4. Inappropriate language: Please refrain from excessively using bad language. This includes abbreviations and any other way to getting around the filter. Post as if your family/boss was reading. Failure to follow these rules will results in suspension.
  5. Political talk and pictures: Everyone has their own beliefs and viewpoints regarding the political system. Knowing this, it always leads to heated, deliberate debates and personal attacks. All political talk, images, and the like are to be only posted in the LM-General Discussions forum.
  6. Player/Coach/Recruit bashing: Let's all show a little respect to those who make this game so much fun. If a recruit decides to go somewhere else because he thinks it's best for him then that's fine. We don't want or condone bashing a recruit because he didn't put on that tOSU hat. Players and coaches should be respected the same. This includes name calling.
  7. Post in the correct sections: That's what there here for. All recruiting matters should be posted in the "Recruiting" forums and all other Buckeye posts should be put in there respective place. Keeping in mind that there is a College Football section for just that.
  8. Premium info is prohibited: Posting premium paid news from any source is strictly prohibited from all sections. If you post premium info the post will be deleted and your account may undergo suspension.
  9. Moderators are here for a reason: Let them handle subject matters that need to be addressed. They volunteer there own time to help make this place run smoothly. So please be respectful as excessive bashing to these guys will NOT be accepted.

Notice: Without a doubt fans are entitled to an opinion here. However, that does NOT mean you can deliberately flame or put down members. The First Amendment doesn't apply to a privately owned message board.

If you have any other questions or comments that have not already been addressed here please PM the administrator or moderators and we'll get back to you.

**Forum Guidelines are subject to change and modification without notice. All members and guests are responsible for there own actions.**